Outersect Debut CD Caldera
CD Art by Via Keller

  1. Dil La Liya
    "Dil La Liya" is Punjabi for "I have given my heart". The entire vocal phrase - "Dil La Liya Be-parvah dey naal" - translates most directly to: "I have given my heart to someone who doesn't care." I think everyone who makes music feels that way sometimes. Punjabi is a playful language and many alternate translations are possible. Some are: "I have given my heart to a beautiful woman." (subtext: she's out of my league) "I have given my heart and we don't care about anything."

    The violin is by Briana Waters. In addition to being a fine violinist, Briana is an environmental activist who has been unjustly charged as an arsonist. For more information, click here: Support Briana Waters.

  2. Light Universe
    The name comes from the sci-fi television series "Lexx". "In the Light Universe I was darkness - perhaps in the Dark Zone I will be light." In the Lexx mythos the Light Universe is ruled by His Divine Shadow and the Dark Zone is ruled by evil, chaos and depravity. The Light Universe got sucked into a cosmic singularity and only the Dark Zone remains. I'm sure there's a metaphor in there somewhere.

  3. Litany
    The lyrics in this track are a few short phrases from "The Litany of the Great Compassionate One", a darani/hymn to Avalokiteshvara. Buddhists worldwide chant this in some form. Many chant it in the original Sanskrit and have no idea what they are saying.

  4. All Eyes
    Vocals by Satsumi(aka Hana Barri).
    Satsumi improvises on the phrase "Alive contains a Lie" from the novel "Slant" by Greg Bear. A small excerpt from this piece was used in the independent film "Beauty Project - 24".

  5. Ayesha
    Vocals by Betsy Cardis
    Ayesha was the last wife of the Prophet of Islam. If you're curious about her Google "Ayesha Allah".

  6. La Ilaha Il Allah
    Violin by Brianna Waters (again)
    Vocals by Satsumi and Outersect The title means "There is no God but Allah".

  7. Empty Arrow
    The arrow of emptiness pierces the illusion of the separate self.

  8. Seismic Weasel (Outersect mix)
    Tectonic underground movements.

  9. Bliss Ma (Outersect mix)
    Vocals by Kali's Angels
    Written by Suzanne Sterling
    I heard Kali's Angels sing this kirtan many times in a magical forest in Northern California. I fell in love with it and had to do something with it.